Default Pricing

The API offers default pricing functionality.

When using this functionality, prices and devices that are displayed in the merchant console will always reflect the prices and devices available in the merchant’s inventory.

The merchant must provide a HTTPS url that PayJoy will query whenever a user reaches the pricing page of the PayJoy merchant console.

Default Pricing Setup

In order to enable default pricing, a URL must be configured in the admin console.


  • url Must use HTTPS.

Default Pricing Format

The url that you provide must return a json list of devices in the following format:

  {"preTaxPrice":2775, "taxPrice":444, "fullPrice":3219, "model":"SM-G532M",
    "manufacturer":"SAMSUNG", "description":"Samsung G532 grand prime plus LTE black"},
  {"preTaxPrice":2775, "taxPrice":444, "fullPrice":3219, "model":"SM-G532M",
    "manufacturer":"SAMSUNG", "description":"Samsung G532 grand prime plus LTE gold"},
  {"preTaxPrice":4309.48, "taxPrice":689.52, "fullPrice":4999, "model":"SM-J700M",
    "manufacturer":"SAMSUNG", "description":"Samsung J700 galaxy J7 LTE gold"},
  {"preTaxPrice":3447.41, "taxPrice":551.59, "fullPrice":3999, "model":"X240H",
    "manufacturer":"LGE", "description":"LG X240 K8 LTE gold"},
  {"preTaxPrice":4309.48, "taxPrice":689.52, "fullPrice":4999, "model":"M250H",
    "manufacturer":"LGE", "description":"LG M250 K10 LTE black"}


  • All fields that are listed are mandatory.
  • preTaxPrice and taxPrice have to add up to fullPrice.
  • All prices must be rounded to two decimal places.

Default Pricing for multiple stores

In order to configure default pricing for multiple stores, you must implement a ‘per store url’. The format of the url is:{merchant_id}. The merchant id for each of the stores can be found using PayJoy’s ‘List Merchants’ functionality. Documentation is available here