Score API (Beta)


PayJoy offers a credit score to finance partners. Built on mobile device data, PayJoy’s Score API allows partners to:

  • Look up a potential loan borrower’s score in real time
  • Integrate the Score API into the partner’s business logic to make a decision to give a loan


Base url<request>

GET /get-score.php

Returns the score of a device. A device’s score may be queried using either device tag or IMEI (not both).

Available endpoints:

  • /get-score.php?key=<apiKey>&countryCode=<countryCode>&deviceTag=<deviceTag>
  • /get-score.php?key=<apiKey>&countryCode=<countryCode>&imei=<imei>

Parameter list

  • key Your apiKey provided by PayJoy.
  • countryCode A two letter ISO Alpha-2 country code.
  • deviceTag The device tag of the device being fetched. This parameter is optional.
  • imei The imei of the device being fetched. This parameter is optional.


While deviceTag and imei are individually optional, at least one must be present. There will be an error if more than one is present.


   "valid": true,
   "score": 620,
   "scoreVersion": "v1",
   "deviceTag": "DTKGAJ",
   "countryCode": "MX",
   "features": {
                  "sms_count_all": 30,
                  "valuation_estimated_used_price_mx": 2700.00,
                  "apps_playstore_count": 30,
                  "sms_delinquency_notice_verified_count_days_7": 0,
                  "sms_collections_notice_verified_count_days_7": 1
valid boolean True indicates that results data follows.
score int PayJoy Score in range 250-850. A lower score indicates a higher probability of Lock engaging if client enters into a financial transaction. Score values outside 250-850 indicate an error has occurred and valid score does not exist for the device.
scoreVersion string Version of the score.
deviceTag string Unique identifier for a device.
countryCode string Country for the score. An ISO Alpha-2 country code.
features json Contains a list of features for that particular device.

Feature list description

Feature name Description
sms_count_all Total count of SMS found on device at the time of scoring.
valuation_estimated_used_price_mx Estimated used price (in pesos) for the scored mobile device.
apps_playstore_count_all Total count of Play Store apps found on device at the time of scoring.
sms_delinquency_notice_verified_count_days_exact_7 Count of SMS received over the last 7 days referring to a delinquency notice sent by verified senders.
sms_collections_notice_verified_count_days_exact_7 Count of SMS received over the last 7 days referring to a collections notice sent by verified senders.

Possible Errors

If a request fails, the api will return an error response in the form:

   "valid": false,
   "message":"some error"
error message explanation
No device manager found for <key> The device manager key specified in the request is not recognized.
Only one parameter is allowed: deviceTag or imei Device lookup is by tag or imei, but not both. Remove one of them.
Missing one required parameter: deviceTag or imei Device lookup requires either a device tag or an imei. Specify one, and make sure the parameter is identified correctly.
Device not found No device with the device tag or imei you specified was found.
Installed APK for this device is not enabled for scoring. Please download the correct APK from The version of the Payjoy APK installed on the device does not have Score functionality.
Score not found for this device The device does not have a registered score.
Invalid country code The specified country code is in an invalid format.
Request country not eligible for score. Our score model does not yet support the specified country code.