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Lock or unlock any compatible device via a simple API. This can be used to increase approval rates, lower default rates, or keep pricing competitive.

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How It Works

Simple Integration

Through our API documentation your team can integrate the Lock into your current process in a couple of days.


Our Lock has been in use for over three years in multiple emerging markets. We are using the latest mobile security technologies to prevent removals and workarounds.

Tried & Tested

Deployed in multiple markets, we have designed workflows for multiple end user cases, including warranty returns, device repair, and handling rooted devices.

"Working with PayJoy's team and utilizing their locking technology has enabled us to offer smartphone financing to the prepaid segment in Panama, something that was never done before."


Approve new customers through an end to end paperless device financing system, including underwriting, device locking, and a comprehensive back office dashboard.

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How It Works

A Turnkey System for Retailers

A modern web-based system for managing in-store approvals, underwriting, lock installations, installment contracts, and reporting that can be deployed quickly and easily.

Underwrite the Underbanked

Use the latest alternative data techniques and machine learning to understand and approve customers with no formal or official credit record.

Fully Paperless, Full Visibility

Our dashboard enables all stakeholders in your company to understand performance and manage the customer experience.

“PayJoy gives the opportunity for everyone to possess these high-function smartphones. With very easy registration and payment, customers are able to purchase the best smartphones in the market. For people who are in need of a smartphone, there is no better option than PayJoy. Because we, Itochu wishes for more customers to go through the best smartphone experience, we are very proud to work with Payjoy and hope to provide this solution to more customers."


OEMs can deploy our firmware to ensure their devices are PayJoy compatible and unlock a new customer base.

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How It Works

Easy to Deploy

We have worked closely with SOCs to ensure Access is compatible, tested, and easy to deploy across all devices.

Increase Share

PayJoy compatible OEMs have seen an 8% increase in market share in markets where we have deployed, considering a new customer base can now purchase their smartphones.

Increase ASP

Rather than trying to create low end devices that have limited functionalities, OEMs can now focus on selling your flagship devices to all customers by enabling monthly installments.

"Within 2 weeks of the PayJoy team working closely with our tech team, we saw tangible results and are excited by the opportunity for future growth for both our missions."