Our Commitment to Customers

We aspire to offer our customers a transparent, fair and delightful experience. We use eight principles to guide our teams and processes.

Transparent Pricing

See clear and transparent pricing and fees before agreeing to contract. For instance, we never add fees or charges other than what the customer signs up for at purchase.

Lock Awareness

Know how and when the lock will be engaged and how and when their payment will unlock the device.

Direct and Easy Communication

Communicate with PayJoy 100% via digital means (without being required to exchange paper except where required by law).

Efficient Response

Directly raise concerns with PayJoy and expect to receive a response to their concern.

Emergency Services

The customer can use emergency services and customer service on a PayJoy locked phone regardless of lock state.

Clearly Stated Process

Not be subject to threats or intimidation during the collection process and have all repercussions of non-payment be clearly stated (e.g. impact on credit)

Data Privacy

Privacy: know what data and device control PayJoy has, and why. Rely on PayJoy to hold their confidential data securely.

PayJoy Loan Control

Return a working device in good faith and have their loan obligation closed on return, with no negative credit impact.