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Phone Finance

Buy a smartphone on installment payments and build your credit history.

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Apply for a cash loan from your smartphone and receive your money in minutes

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PayJoy’s mobile locking technology and data science enable financial inclusion for billions worldwide.

We enable people worldwide in emerging markets to purchase a new smartphone on installment payments and to get cash loans using their smartphone as collateral.

Our Commitment to Customers

We aspire to offer our customers a transparent, fair and delightful experience.

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How PayJoy Works

Apply for a phone or cash loan

At PayJoy you only need an ID, Facebook account and a valid phone number to apply.

Use your phone as a virtual guarantee

Use your phone as collateral to access more credit opportunities.

Build your credit history

Every payment you make impacts your credit history in a positive way.

"With PayJoy, I was a able to get a phone, pay over time, and now I am able to get a cash loan whenever I need money. Highly recommend!"

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