PayJoy Customer Day

May 23rd marks Customer Day at PayJoy; a day to celebrate our very first customer, Javier, and reaffirm our commitment to our mission: to empower the next billion customers to access the modern financial system and improve their lives!

We first met Javier in 2015 when he approached PayJoy to purchase a phone. Back then, he lacked a credit score, and the absence of a smartphone hindered his job search. Thankfully, our product was crafted with individuals like Javier in mind, and we were able to provide him with his first smartphone, marking the beginning of a transformative journey for him, and for us.

Since that pivotal day nine years ago, PayJoy has proudly served over 10 million customers. Customers like:

  • Paula in Brazil, who uses her PayJoy phone to fuel her small business, selling second-hand clothes through her own TikTok channel.
  • Theodore in South Africa, who utilized PayJoy to purchase four phones for himself and his family, steadily building his credit score to the point where he could finance the acquisition of a reliable car.
  • Guadalupe in Mexico, who leverages PayJoy’s revolving Credit Line to finance her street-food stall. Despite previous apprehensions about other lenders and punitive late fees, she trusted PayJoy after her first positive experience with us.

These individual anecdotes are both inspiring and indicative of broader trends reflected in our data:

  • 40% of our customers are new to credit.
  • 37% have purchased their first-ever smartphone.
  • 75% report an improvement in their financial well-being.
  • 6% equivalent boost to their annual income, on average (source).

We are committed to expanding our reach to benefit even more customers. Our recent expansion into the Philippines, alongside robust growth in existing markets, particularly in Brazil, underscore our dedication to this mission.

On this special day, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the incredible people working at PayJoy, whose dedication makes it all possible, as well as to our retail, OEM, and investor partners, whose support has been instrumental in our journey. Thank you for being a part of the PayJoy team!